Many individuals consider going into business but decline to do so, often due to fear of liability and lack of capital issues. Starting a business is complex and often requires a good cache of capital. However, complexities, liability issues, and a lack of financing can be addressed by an attorney familiar with commercial law. I help small business people start up their businesses and continue to operate them in a legal manner.

Estate planning helps individuals protect their assets from judgments and excessive estate taxation. Estate planning provides a roadmap for how one wishes his or her estate to pass on to his or her loved ones. Numerous tools exist to achieve these goals.

I invite you the viewer to peruse this website and download any forms or articles you find helpful. The forms and articles are not intended as legal advice but can serve as an introduction to some very interesting aspects of estate planning and commercial law.

I am always available to provide legal services for those in need. Please feel free to call my office and request a consultation.

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