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Dear friends,

The death of a family member is a rigorous and spiritually taxing event. However, thinking about and planning for one’s death can also be unsettling. Many issues confront a person contemplating their own demise.

But consider, planning before one’s death can help ease the legal process of administering your estate and may spare grieving family members the additional burden of extended probate proceedings and drawn out litigation.

Further, estate planning can help you protect your assets from judgments and excessive estate taxation. Estate planning can provide a roadmap for how you wish your belongings to pass on to your loved ones. Numerous tools exist to execute your wishes.

Some of these tools include, wills, trusts, insurance policies, annuities, joint tenancies, powers of attorney, living wills, etc. The benefits of utilizing any of the aforementioned varies tremendously. There is no one-size fits all. Each individual or married couple needs an estate plan tailor made for their circumstances. Please beware of any generic form that is simply composed of fill-in-the blanks.

Issues such as custody of children and care of pets are items which need special attention and should not be dealt with by rote forms. An estate planning attorney can assist you in developing the kind of plan you need for ensuring your wishes and expectations are met even after you pass away.

My name is Nathan McAllister and I am an attorney primarily practicing law in the areas of estate planning and small business development. Please consider me a resource for information regarding estate planning.


Nathan L. McAllisterAttorney at Law